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NEW Release!

Night Vision

How to See Your Way Through Any Situation

I'm Dr. Kem and I am excited about my new book written especially for you, for this specific moment! You would be surprised to know that my book has been written for a while, but God burdened me to release it NOW.


Though current circumstances may seem dark, chaotic, or blurred now, I declare that God is giving you NIGHT VISION! You WILL see your way through!

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The Study Guide Journal is the companion to the book.  It allows  you to delve into each chapter a little more.  In some instances, the chapter is set up for you to create a plan to K.E.M. when dealing with adversity


Keep Everything Moving -

Letting Adversity Guide You To Destiny

In K.E.M., Dr. McKenzie shares her story in belief that others will be encouraged to celebrate adversity on their way to destiny. 


Coupled with The Study Guide Journal designed to allow you to further delve into each chapter a little more, you will be able to stop and take a look at your life and derive a plan to face adverse situations.  

Get my new book with the accompanying journal!

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We must be willing to change our perspective regarding the way we view our "unpleasant" situations or current darkness - if you will.  NIGHT VISION is a guide to embracing life's lessons derived from unwarranted, unplanned, unfavorable, life-altering experiences, situations, sudden changes, or challenges.

NIGHT VISION, is a wisdom-infused guide to finding clarity and purpose in life's unpredictable circumstances you are not prepared for -- or that you certainly did not solicit.  Through an unexpected and traumatic night of being lost in the woods, Dr, Kemberly E. McKenzie emerged from her experience with twenty-one, life-altering revelations that will change anyone's perspective about seemingly destitute situations.  

Allow NIGHT VISION serve as YOUR compass to guide you through the dark moments that life may set before you!


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